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Letter writer Sheila Richardson

As published in the Bellingham Herald on March 23, 2002

Name: Sheila Richardson
Age: 56
How long have you lived in Whatcom County?  42 years.
Occupation: Retired Georgia Pacific West, Inc. painter who has completed paralegal training at Whatcom Community College and will study psychology at Western Washington University.
Hometown: Bellingham
Favorite Book: Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
Hobbies and affiliations:  Horseback riding, skydiving, Whatcom County Republican Party, Vietnam Veteran with Marine Corps.
Most irksome local issue:  Energy issues, G-P shutdown.
Reason you write letters to the editor? "A lot of my letters are not one side or the other, I usually try to reflect both sides... Sometimes I write in appreciation, like for the three sergeants killed in Afganistan." 

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