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February 19th, 2003


Senator Malfourd W. Trumbo

General Assembly Building, Room 332
Capitol Square

Richmond, Virginia 23219

(804) 698-7522


RE:     Support for HB 2829

            Vietnamese Flag Display


The Honorable Senator Trumbo:


            The Virginia House of Delegates recently passed a bill which designates the Republic of South Vietnams flag as the official flag to be displayed in places of education.


            I served thirteen months in Vietnam and I am currently disabled from the war.  Upon my return to the United States the Marine Corps issued me the Vietnam Service Medal and ribbon.  This ribbon depicts the South Vietnam flag.  I wear this ribbon with pride.  Many of my comrades were killed or wounded defending the South Vietnam flag.


            North Vietnam ultimately won the war through open aggression and violence.  The fledgling democracy of South Vietnam was replaced by communist rule.  Our children, American and those of Vietnamese descent, should not be taught that aggression and violence are the appropriate means for governmental change.


            Our country is currently fighting a war against terrorism.  The terrorists also believe that aggression and violence are the appropriate means for governmental change.  We must send a strong message to our children that aggression and violence are not the appropriate means for governmental change.


            At present the bill has been left in the Rules Committee.


            Our veterans who returned from the war and those who perished in Vietnam should not have fought in vain.  Please honor our veterans and the survivors of those who perished by removing this bill from the Rules Committee and allow it to be voted on by the Senate.



Sheila L. Richardson

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